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Change Leadership Based on Experience, Education and Empathy

Tiny has been in the Wholesale Beverage Industry for nearly 20 years. Starting in San Diego at Miller Brewing Co. in 2002, he worked his way up the Miller then MillerCoors corporate sales ladder. Whether it was selling to bars and restaurants, working alongside distributors or managing the Safeway or Walmart business for the western US, he has done it all.

In 2014, Tiny became the VP Sales at Rogue Ales & Spirits based in Portland, OR. During his tenure at Rogue, he restructured the sales organization and created a National Accounts sales teams.

After 13 years on the supplier side, he moved to General Distributors Inc (GDI) in Oregon City, OR as the Business Development Manager. While attracting up-and-coming craft brands and growing its reputation as a top tier beverage distributor, he was promoted to General Manager then quickly to Chief Operating Officer.

As COO, Tiny analyzed and rebuilt the entire organization to be more efficient and profitable, while bringing in top industry talent, technology, and products. Simultaneously he was able to transform the company culture to one of responsibility, transparency, and clarity.  With this culture change the employees voted out the Teamster Union which had been in place for the previous 80 years.

In 2018, GDI’s family ownership decided to sell the company. Tiny played a critical role in ensuring a smooth transition while successfully maintaining daily operations. He was indispensable in maximizing the value of the company through working closely with all involved stakeholders: purchaser, suppliers, vendors, and the employees.

Tiny Irwin Family PhotoAfter the GDI transaction was finalized, while having a what’s next conversation, his wife, Leah, said, “You know, with all that you have been through, learned and accomplished over the past ten years, especially the last five, you need to help other business owners.” In continuing this line of thought for a few more months, Tiny Irwin Consulting was created.

Tiny has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Master of Business Administration (MBA).

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Children's Cancer Association logo -> https://joyrx.org/Tiny and Leah are actively involved in the Children’s Cancer Association. Tiny has served on the Ambassador Board since January, 2019

Our Values


We believe family comes first. You will often hear Tiny say that he is “first and foremost and husband and a father, everything else comes after that.” Legacy is paramount and he will do everything in his power to ensure the legacy you choose is fully executed.


We believe in communicating the truth through an advanced emotional intelligence filter. As we advise and work alongside our clients, we ensure they understand both positive and negative consequences.


We believe in responsible ownership and clarity in everything we do. We set a high bar of accountability, ensuring our intentions, words, and actions are above reproach.


We believe in working hard, playing hard – and we’re passionate about it. By creating balance in our daily lives, we are all the better in working alongside our partners and clients.